Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yeah, I have a follower! lol, Thanks T for being my first.

It got me thinking about the relationships and positions of 'followers' and 'leaders'. I have all my life, known I'm a follower, but yet I definitely lead my family (children) with strength, confidence and wisdom (trying to rely on Heavenly wisdom, that God talks about in James, as that is far greater than the weak Earthly wisdom, we so often rely upon).

I have so many friends in so many ways, and from so many places. Each relationship varies, in who plays the leadership role and who is more of the follower. In some cases, we really balance each other out well. This I feel is a vital balance to life; variety in friendships.

I have no qualms about my position of leadership within the home, however, and I have also had positions of leadership in other areas of my life. I feel that I can lead so well as a mom, becauase I have two strong leaders, who know who they are and guide me and encourage me each day. Without them, I would not be nearly as confident. The first and always the first is my Father and His Holy Spirit. He promised me that His Spirit would be sent to lead me, and He does, moment by moment, always constant. The second being of course, my husband. From day one, he has shown a strength in blazing a path that was so unfamilar to me. He is not afraid to say it like it is, and what is in his heart - he wears on his sleeve. Not only has he shown me how important it is to know myself and share it with the world, he also cheers me on from the sidelines, when I do have moments of victory! I am able to be a good mom, cause these two Champions have my back. I love you both!

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