Saturday, February 6, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...and the not so young

As I was browsing through my friend's blog, I found these great questions she had asked her kids, and thought that would be a very interesting post for today. All four of my kids have taken part in answering these life altering queries:

The meaning of life is to "give God company and praise Him. (Z & JD)

What is the most important thing in life?
"Mommy" (C)
"Having a good relationship with God" (JS)

What does God mean to you?
"Everything" (C)
"Love" (JD)

What does it mean to be in love?
"To feel very affectionate or compassionate towards someone" (JS)
"Being nice to each other" (Z)

What can you not live without?
"God, cause He made us and if we weren't alive, we wouldn't be anything" (C)
"The Bible and a good relationship with God" (JS)

What is your most important body part?
"My eyes to see" (Z)
"The heart because without it there would be no life" (JD)

Where is the best place in the world to live?
"Canada" (C & JD)
"Hickory Street" (Z)
"Haiti, because then I could help the people in need" (JS)

How do you be a good friend?
"Be nice to others" (Z)
"Ask them to play with you" (JD)
"Be loyal and have a soft heart" (JS & C)

What is your favorite thing to do?
"Play lego all day" (Z)
"Waddle around and make new friends" (JD, JS, & C)

If somebody was sad, what would you say to them?
" 'Sorry', if I hurt them" (Z)
"Invite them to play with me" (JS)

If you found $100 on the ground, what would you do?
"Spend half of it an give the rest to charity" (JD)
"Take it to the police" (C)

What's the best feeling to have?
"Love" (JS)
"Generosity" (C)

How could adults have more fun?
"Spending time with their kids" (JD)
"Watching a movie with their kids" (Z)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
"Policeman" (Z)
"Firefighter and Club Peguin worker" (JD)
"A Pen Artist, sort of like a tattoo artist, but with a pen AND a Club Penguin worker" (C)
"Scientist and Missionary" (JS)

Where do you want to travel to?
"Travel allllll the way to RUSSIA" (Z)
"Disney World" (JD)
"Oceanenia" (C)
"Spain" (JS)

Thanks T!

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